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Guess who's back!?

2015-02-19 12:51:37 by SpacePause

yeah, that is right! back in action! ...mostly. due to some things beyond my control, I am currently unable to use my music software, so no music. for now!

Leave of absence!

2013-01-13 00:06:43 by SpacePause

hey everyone! so I actually will not be doing anything related to music or voice acting, or anything. because.... I'm leaving on a mission in February. for the LDS church. commonly known as Mormons. so yeah, no updates for two years. consider me temporarily, Dead.

I know I'm a little delayed saying this, but here is the video that I helped create! MineTales Episode #1 - A new Beginning it was fun animating this, and episode 2 should not be far away! and, I have a song in the works. I know I release them slower than others, but I try to put some work into them, and I'm still not as skilled as those who have years of experience under their belt. but look forward to that. if you wanna. oh yes, one last thing.
Happy new year!

Guess who's back?

2012-10-17 12:45:03 by SpacePause

soo, I know I've been gone from newgrounds for a while, but I have an excuse for most of it. in the beginning it was because I just could not think of anything for music. then, over the summer, I got a job that was in an area that had no computers, so I was pretty well cut off for that time. when I got back, i was busy with other projects unrelated to newgrounds. but now, I shall try to start, a voice-act part. see you around!

new year...

2012-01-03 14:18:04 by SpacePause

dang... sorry, I forgot that I never did what I was going to. this time I really am gonna do something new. I have a song in the works. its not fantastic, but its something. and I lost the sketch I did, so, sorry about that. maybe I'll do another one, but better.... eh, probably not, but we'll see. aanyway, happy new year all!

Been a while!

2011-10-25 16:51:06 by SpacePause

wow, just realized how long its been since I've really done something here. I just haven't really had time to make anything. (either that or I didn't think of it when I had nothing to do.) but now I think it's time I come back. new song soon! or maybe I will upload my little sketch I did when I was bored? we'll see. one of the two, so look out!